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Les Gar Frazier on Jan. 15, 2021

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
--George Orwell—


For 27 out of 29 service years, I was one of those “rough men” having practiced for or participated in actual combat five times in jet fighters over that 27-year period. Time passes and with it comes gezzerism that is developing into a superannuated, archaic septuagenarian curmudgeonship.

For me, the passing years brought on inner ear dysfunctions [balance and hearing problems] an artificial hip and peripheral neuropathy. But God, Lyle Koen and Tom Henderson, both Austin ophthalmologists have kept my eyes strong and Euclid McLeod up here in Georgetown has kept my teeth, all of them, in great shape. Fortunately, my cognitive processes have also been left untouched and these processes tell me that the military has gone to hell in a hand basket. Not the enlisted kids nor the NCOs, but the officers who are supposed to be their leaders. There’s been a recent example of the total failure in leadership near here, at Ft. Hood.

First, you have to understand that the commander of an installation is responsible for everything and anything that happens on his facility. If one of his soldiers gets drunk and injuries himself or others, the installation commander will ultimately be at fault for not having the proper training program to have prevented the drunkenness. If a grass fire burns up some weeds; ultimately, the installation commander is responsible for the fire and the burned grass. He should have had a better fire prevention program.

But look at what has happened at Ft. Hood. On Lt. General [three stars] Cone’s watch; he’s had an army psychiatrist allegedly murder 13 Americans, he’s had several suicides and unsolved assaults. After having all these atrocities happen during his tenure, he has been promoted to General [four stars]. In my day, he would have been summarily fired and escorted off base. “Drummed out of the Service” is an even better method. That’s where the offender has his uniform buttons cut off, his rank insignia torn from his uniform and the troops line up, backs to the drumee and he is actually drummed off the base, down the middle of the street, by a single drummer. The miscreant has suitcase in hand, with a military police escort on either side. It’s always nice to have the sheriff waiting on the other side of the gate to arrest the drumee for vagrancy.

The army has kept a tight lid on the assaults and suicides at Ft. Hood and we don’t read much about them in the area newspapers, but wait – I was a victim of assault and battery on Ft Hood. Actually, it was a so-called hate crime as typically defined in America: when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in areas such as certain racial groups, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnicity, age, and gender. My attacker saw me as filling the requirements magnificently.

Now, you’re thinking “there’s another homosexual or black dude complaining about something he has conjured up.” Wrong. I’m the white heterosexual geezer and my attacker was a young, black, female soldier with a name tag that read “McKnight.” She attacked me totally unprovoked, in uniform, in the Post Exchange or PX [like a department store] in front of at least 30 to 50 witnesses and security cameras. Yet, the army could not find a single person who witnessed the attack or if they did, the witnesses gave statements claiming no attack took place. I wager if statements were given - if anyone made any kind of statement - all signatures to any statements will be from blacks and not a single statement from a white person. I don’t know because no statements have ever been released to me although I’ve asked for them numerous times. Of course, the surveillance camera tape has mysteriously disappeared; this attack occurred on Lt. Gen. Cone’s watch and he let his staff bury the attack. Total failure of leadership and Cone gets promoted for his failure. The only coorespondence I received over a three month period was from the senior lawer, called “the Staff Judge Advocate,” at Ft. Hood stated “The investigation is now complete and after careful consideration a legal determination has been made that there is not suffiecient probable cause to pursue criminal charges.” This statement is quite true, when one does nothing to check the facts, one will never find “probable cause.” It is quite clear to me that the Ft. Hood “leaders” surpressed the attack on my person only because my attacker was a black woman. Had I been the black woman attacked by a white male, you would be reading about it on page 1A, above the fold.

When one is dissatisfied with the military’s bungling of a charge, one can always write one’s congressional represenative: John Carter, in my case. This I did - to have Nancy Madsen, the Consitituent Liaison for Represenative John Carter, 31st District, Texas [which also includes Ft. Hood], write me, in part, “you may want hire legal representation should you want to pursure this situation further.” Nancy wants me to hire a civilian lawyer to attempt to procecute a military member for attacking me, when the attacker was in military uniform in a military building on a military post? If all of our elected represenatives are this stupid, America despertly needs to clean its political house.

This hate crime was covered up due to the prevalence of political correctness [PC] in the military. I personally remember PC starting in about 1972 when everyone in the Air Force had to go to “racial sensitivity school.” A Filipino friend of mine, born and raised in a Malaysian culture, called it “nigger school.” He was outraged that the training centered on blacks rather than some of the other minorities such as his culture, Asian and Indian [from the sub-continent].

PC progressed in the military and Representative Patricia Nell Scott Schroeder brought it to a head in her witch hunt of Navy Aviators in the disgusting and unnecessary evisceration of Naval Air Power where she had many senior and up-and-coming naval aviators fired because an Admiral’s female Aide, ordered by the admiral to stay off a certain hotel floor during a reunion, disobeyed the Admiral, went to the floor and later claimed that she had been molested.

Naval Aviators, like many military aviators, are warriors. They kill people and destroy things. Call them what you like, but the base line is that they are killers – and the admiral’s Aide, disobeying his orders, went flouncing up to their area to frolic with seriously lethal men.

For at least 35,000 years, men have been the hunters and women have been the nurturers. Political Correctness is trying to change that. It doesn’t seem to matter that, on average, the strongest woman, is weaker than the weakest man or that when you see female construction workers, they always seem to be holding the traffic direction signs, never the pick and shovel work. Political correctness is ruining the military service and the Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff, except for the Marine Commandant, don’t seem to care. They want to put women on stinky testosterone filled submarines that spend six months under water. For women serving on submarines, the Joe Louis quote comes to mind for the ladies serving aboard: “you can run but you can’t hide.” Recently the Navy promoted a woman to Carrier Air Group Commander, although she has never made a carrier landing nor is she qualified to try.

Politicians want to let homosexuals into the military, not realizing that the homosexuals want in for the free medical service and not from some fealty to this country. On average, a male homosexual dies before age 45, so one has to wonder how many of those military service years will be under the care of a doctor/medical facility and not performing any constructive work for the military?

Homosexuals comprise from 1½ to two percent of America’s population and homophiles another 6 or so percent. The reason we hear so much about homosexuals is because literally every time one picks up a newspaper, there is a pro-homosexual article in it. Homosexuality is not an idenity like Mexicans, the elderly, the physically and mentally handicapped, etc., it is an activity and a filthy and disgusting one at that. Doubt me? Google “medical aspects of homosexuality.”


It was amusing to watch and read about the political figures attempting to favorably position themselves to take credit when the SEALs scragged Osama bin Laden with extreme predudice.  Tear away the obfucation, you’ll find the SEALs did their job, despite all the help of any political or high-ranking military people. I suspect it was probably two officers and about 20 enlisted men [excluding the helicopter pilots] who shot the son-of-a-bitch. Please note I wrote the word “men” when referring the SEALs who attacked the bin Landen compound.


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