Super Sabre Society

Super Sabre Society Mission Statement

Super Sabre Society Genesis

Super Sabre Society Certificate

Each member of Super Sabre Society is eligible of receiving official, original member certificate, please email me for the further information."

Above the first original Charter Membership card that was sent to the members.

Super Sabre Society Gadgets

Coin, Price: $10.00

Eagle, Price: $16.95

Cap, Price: $10.00

Cups, Price: $10.00

My Planes

1946 Ercoupe 415C (Purchased in Ramona, CA.)

Globe Swift GC - 1B

North American Navion L - 17

Piper Cherokee 140

Planes I flew in the Air Force.


F-4 C

F-86 F

F-86 H

F-100 C

F-100 D

F-111 A

F-111 F




Mine & My Friends Stories From Our Lives

My Private Collection of Military Pilot Wings From All Over The World

An Article About My Wing Collection & Me In The Local Newspaper

About Me

Lester Garland Frazier

United States Air Force Fighter Pilot, Colonel, Veteran and Social Sabre Society Founder.

Born in Walla Walla, State Washington, USA on December 12th 1935.

Living in Georgetown Texas happily married to Sharon Frazier for ~20 years and counting.

Civilian education:

  • Boise Senior High 1954,

  • Phoenix College 1967,

  • Park College 1976,

  • St. Philips College 1992,

  • 1994 Southwest Texas State University.

Military education:

  • Pilot School 57-K, Graduated DG 28 March 1957,

  • ICAF 1976

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